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We are a charity that aims to promote the study, practice and encouragement of brass music in all its forms in order to foster public knowledge and appreciation of such music by means of public performance or otherwise, including training and education of brass and percussion musicians.

The Redruth Town Band perform at contests and are available to hire to perform at concerts, including fetes, fairs, carnivals or any entertainment activity of your choice. Fees are dependent on requirements. 

We also have a development band, Redruth Brass, and they promote the learning of all ages from beginners to those returning to playing or just maybe needing more confidence with music. All welcome!!

Rehearsals are as follows: 

Redruth Town Band Tuesdays and Thursdays 7.45pm-9.30pm

Redruth Brass Wednesdays 7.15pm-9.00pm

New members are always welcome.

The band plays local venues and participates in contests.


History of the band

Very little is known as to the exact date of the formation of Redruth Town Band, but records show that as early as 1828 there were mentions of "Bands of Musicians".  

 In 1832 it is recorded that "the Band paraded the streets playing ' 'the dead march'.  Then on the 27th June 1836 the Band led a parade from Redruth to Carn Brea to lay a  foundation stone for the monument to Lord Dunstanville. 

Between 1820 and 1856 the band were referred to as a volunteer band, a temperance band, Redruth amateur band and even, unofficially, under the name of Redruth Beer and Porter Band.  From 1862 it seems the name of Redruth Town Band (Brass) became its official name and it was formed with members of the volunteer band.  

 It seems the band flourished into the Great War (1914-1918), but there was not an active band in 1918.  In 1919 the band reformed. During the Second World War (1939-45) it was a similar story with the band having to cease.  At this time the band was formed by members of the home guard.  Over the years the Band has had great success with its most prolific period being in the 1980's.   


The band has also had its fair share of struggles, but has always come through. Currently the band are enjoying success in the lower sections and is building for the future.  There has been a lot of information recorded about Redruth Town Band, and the majority of the above information was taken from a book called 'Still Blawin' by Monty Pearce and Denzil Richards